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“effektiv – die Möbelagentur GmbH” was established on 15 June 2001, evolving from the Handelsvertretung Schmidt & Busch GbR established 1995.


Our agency is positioned as a commercial agency between the companies we represent (our partners) and their customers (our network). Thus, we provide our services for two groups of customers.


Since the beginning of the company's activities, great importance has been attached to being a reliable partner for both customer groups. In this way, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of both client groups. This trust is considered our most important asset.


In order to gain and maintain this trust, we act according to the following guiding principles:


Partnership, reliability, respect and appreciation is the key to mutual success!


We can only be successful with our clients. Everything that brings benefits to our partners and our network and does not endanger our company is a contribution to our joint success.


The service delivered with the product determines its quality!


As products become more and more interchangeable, the quality of the products is often no longer measured by the products themselves. Increasingly, the quality of the product is also determined by the service around the product.


What is a first-class service today may already be standard tomorrow. Our service must therefore constantly evolve and adapt to the needs of our customers.


We are committed to the basic values of reliability, loyalty and honesty. We treat our partners, suppliers and our network with respect and appreciation.

Our network includes specialist retailers, shopfitters, contract furnishers for hotels, restaurants, offices, administration, cafeterias, clinics and public facilities, as well as architecture and interior design firms.

effektiv – Die Möbelagentur GmbH
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