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What do we offer our partners?

Our core task is to optimally position the brands of the companies we represent in the market entrusted to us through qualified market development.


Through the trust of our network, gained over many years of cooperation, we facilitate market access in Germany for national and international manufacturers.


The contract business is characterised by deadline pressure and is increasingly being conducted from the home office. Customers therefore no longer want to be visited every 6 to 8 weeks as they used to. A visit is appropriate to present new products, deliver samples or for concrete projects.


In order to nevertheless maintain close contact with our network, we communicate via many channels, including the visit, video meeting, telephone, mailing, our website and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.


We are available by phone Mon to Sat from 08:00 to 20:00


In the case of customer enquiries, we commit ourselves to the following quality promise: Our customer will receive feedback within one working day at the latest!


In the event of disagreements between the customer and the represented company, e.g. a complaint, we offer our mediation services and try to find a solution in a spirit of partnership for both sides.


The clients of our partners experience a first-class service through us. This helps to strengthen the positive image and the product quality of the represented company.


Information is an important asset!

In contrast to a physical product, the quality of the product "service" can only be checked when the service is used.


A manufacturer cannot therefore know in advance whether the appointed commercial agency will actually keep its service promise. This often leads to a mistrust of the commercial agencies.


In order to gain the trust of the agency companies that commission us, we consider it important to communicate openly about our activities.


In our day-to-day business, we work closely with all departments of the companies we represent and are here in close exchange of information!


Sustainable success is only achieved through teamwork. The way we deal with each other is respectful and characterised by mutual appreciation.


We know that business decisions are based on information. Correct decisions contribute to long-term success, therefore the companies we represent have a legitimate claim to demand any necessary information from us.


We have been working with a CRM system since 1996 and therefore record all transactions and regularly evaluate our activities.


How do we finance our services?
As a rule, we agree on a territory representation with our partners and receive commission on all sales realised in the territory.


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