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It is our core task to achieve optimal positioning of client companies in the specific marketplace by way of thoroughly planned and intensive market development. Customers benefit from our top-ranking service. The end result reinforces the positive image of companies we represent..


The value of information

Unlike a physical product, the quality of a “service” can only be tested after the customer has used the product. The upshot is that companies represented by any agency cannot know absolutely in advance whether the furniture agent will indeed deliver the services promised. A situation which can generate an atmosphere of distrust. We counteract this development by confirming and verifying the trust placed in us, by providing our client companies with regular reports of our marketing activities.

An annual marketing plan, jointly developed with the company, forms the foundation of our marketing activities. Sales controlling provides feedback for timely corrections if deviations arise. If you are looking for an innovative distribution service provider for the German market, please do not hesitate to get in touch and arrange an appointment. This would provide you with the means of establishing that we are the right sales partner for your needs. If your range complements, i.e. does not compete with, our existing agencies, the talks could provide the basis for successful co-operation.


Further offers
We also develop sales concepts on a project basis for the German furniture market. Further to straightforward concept development, we also offer professional support in the realisation of concepts.


We have the capacity and the know-how to establish a German sales organisation or, for example, take on the distribution controlling function acting as field sales management.


Financing our services?
We charge for our services on a case-by-case basis, commission or fee. A combination of commission and fee is also an option. We look forward to one-on-one talks to tell you more about the cost advantages available to client companies, as well as further pertinent details.

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